For the Kids!

As I reflect over our first full year of being at our Waukesha office, I am reminded of the many, many new faces that we have been blessed to have met - some for the first time and others several times over.  The stories have been heart warming; the stories have been unimaginable.  But it's the sweet spirit of the children that reminds me why Chosen does what we do.  It's for the children who need to feel safe and loved.  That's why our first year has been so's not because we have given away a lot of things - because we have.  It's not because we have gone out into the community talking about the great need for foster and adoptive families - because we have.  It's because we want to support the wonderful families who give these children in need a home where they can thrive.  They do it out of love; they, like we, do it all for the children!