Chosen, Inc.  ("Chosen"), a Wisconsin non-profit fostering and adoption support ministry, exists to Foster Forever Families, by living the Gospel, so that all children can experience a safe and loving home.

Chosen is committed to helping children and families in three areas:

Support:  Chosen supports those in the fostering and adoption community physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Tangible support is provided through The Family Closet, supplied by community donations of material items for foster and adoptive families.  Chosen also shares resource referrals to other non-profit agencies or professionals that can best meet the needs of foster/adoptive families.  In all circumstances, the Gospel will be shared with all involved in this journey. 

Education:  Chosen educates the surrounding community about adoption and foster-care issues using the unique and vast experiences of those within the organization. Raising awareness of the great need for more foster and adoptive families is central to our community education. We also speak to groups about adoption, fostering, and infertility topics. Women's groups, churches and other organizations seeking a Christian message about overcoming difficult circumstances with the foundation of faith and hope in Christ are some of the venues we are asked to present to.

Community:  Outreaches provide foster/adoptive families an opportunity to be involved in community with others sharing common experiences. These gatherings build community while providing a free, fun, and family-centered experience. In the future, Chosen envisions a multi-family foster home that will provide stability for children, give them a place where they feel comfortable, and allow them to learn about the love of Christ. A low-cost home community for foster families will ensure they have access to support, resources and the fellowship needed right at their fingertips.

Most of all, Chosen shows Christ’s love in a practical way to children, families, and communities.