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See the review done by Dr. Patrick Griffith of Waukesha Bible Church:


Dear Lois is an exceptional and extraordinary tale about sacrifice and stewardship. One mother sacrificially through the adoption process offers her child to another and the receiving mother lovingly stewards the gift by annually writing a letter to the birth mother telling of the child's development. For eighteen years, Karen kept her word to Lois by updating her annually as to Amalie's life. Each letter begins with "Dear Lois." Little did Karen realize the reception and impact of her letters to Lois and her two children Bryan and Jenaya. It is only when Lois fails in her fight against cancer that Amalie meets her birth mother and extended family. What Karen did not know was how Amalie's birth family kept all of the annual letters and pictures sent through the years in a special binder. This correspondence is the foundation for the story.


This short, but captivating story has impact in several areas. First, the heartache of infertility for those who desire children is visible. What makes the story so compelling is the transparency and vulnerability of all parties involved. The emotion and pain are real. Second, one often hears only of the negative as it relates to why a birth mother would offer her child up for adoption. This journey holds the birth mother in highest regard. Again, the relationship between birth mother and parenting mother is often in dark tones. This story shows how such a relationship can be positive and enriching for all involved. Finally, they are open and persistent in sharing the gospel.


This short story will shape how one views infertility, adoption, and foster care. It personalizes all aspects of such incredible circumstances. The story draws you in and makes you weep. It is a book causing one to thank God for His overarching providence in ordering our steps even when we lack understanding. We commend this book and recommend it for all audiences.


Dr. Patrick Griffiths has been the Senior Pastor of Waukesha Bible Church since 2002. He is the author of numerous articles and studies detailing God's Reigning Grace and the Torn Veil. He believes his mission is to teach how God's people can come with boldness and confidence into the very presence of God without fear or trembling because of Jesus our great Advocate and High Priest. He desires to help Christians understand all that Christ is for them and all that they are in Him. He is a Wisconsin native who has been married to his wife Kirsten for 34 years and has a son and daughter and four grandchildren. He has a B.A. in Missions (1981), Master of Divinity (M. Div. 1987), Master of Theology (Th. M. 1995) and a Doctorate of Ministry (D. Min. 2002).